. . . . introducing

Hickory's Reminiscent of Serendip

11 points with 3 majors
OFA Clear Hips and Elbows,
Clear CERF in '08 and '09, OFA Cardiac Certified, vWD pending
25.5 inches and 105 lbs

Remi hits the show ring @ 24 months of age

Remi will be bred in September 2009


Baby, you've come a long way . . .

Pictured at 5 months of age

about me!

My siblings and I came  from a very special breeding and most special Mom ever. Sadly, my Mom had to have surgery when I was just a young pup; she got an infection after surgery and passed away. My human Mom says  the house is just not the same without her and that she was a "one of a kind" dog. I know my human Mom misses her because she hugs me, my brother and sister all the time and tells us how much we remind her of Seri , even when we're  naughty ... especially when we're naughty!

June 2008 .... Oh Boy, are we ever naughty!

----- Remi and Finn -----
The silly siblings of Serendip
Causin' trouble at 13 months of age

August 2008: Mom says I'm not ready to be shown yet -- something 'bout being a pony, growing into my legs and growing a brain -- but she took me out one day for a show in August anyway. I guess I did well.

Click here to read about the orgin of my and my Mom's name

My human Mom is working on a "story of Serendip" of her own but right now it still makes her too sad. Check back in the future and read all about my Mom, and watch me and my littermates grow up.

"You don't reach Serendip by plotting a course for it. You have to set out in good faith for elsewhere and lose your bearings serendipitously." -- John Barth, The Last Voyage of Somebody the Sailor.