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Hickory's Dickory Doc & Hickory's All Steamed Up
Am/Can Ch. Doremis Globetrotter von Ask x Ch Bayley van de Weyenberg
19 June 2008
Hickory's Dickory Doc

Doc Head

Doc is growing up to be a very sweet, smart, outgoing and handsome boy. He is already demonstrating impressive working desire and ability. Doc loves to meet new people and one of his favorite things to do is to go to the pet store and pick out a new toy and carry it to the counter himself. He is often so attentive -- looking up at me to see what I want him to do next -- that we sometimes trip over each other. This has posed some challenges in the conformation ring but we are figuring it out.

I know we are going to have fun in the conformation ring and in performance activities when this guy grows up.

Alex (3.5 years old at the time) insisted that Doc's brother had to be named Marty after Marty McFly in the Back to the Future (Alex's favorite movie at the time). It did not fit the nursery rhyme litter theme but it stuck as his call name anyway. When it came time to decide on his registered name, I was stumped until a friend suggested looking for a nursery rhyme that had something to do with Tea ... and the light went on ...Little Tea Pot didn't work ..... but All Steamed Up did! And so Mr. McFly became Mar-Tea McFly.

Mar-tea is a sweet, easygoing, mellow kind of fellow that isn't bothered by much. He takes after his mother in type, style and love of belly rubs especially from strangers at the benched show.

Mar-Tea has done well in the show ring since the start taking RWD one day his first weekend out and Best Puppy and a Puppy Working Group 2 placement his second weekend showing.

Hickory's All Steamed Up

Marty 9 months

Best Puppy, Puppy Working Group 2
Golden Gate Kennel Club Show
Sierra West BMDC Supported entry

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