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Hickory's Reflection of Serendip
"Deja Vu"
(Ch Bauernhofs Volmar x Ch Seri)
Deja has OFA Good Hips & Clear Elbows, OFA Cardiac Clear, Clear CERF

Deja in the Group ring after taking BOB for her first major
26 months old

Deja hits the show ring: Deja's first appearance in the show ring was at the BMDCA Regional Specialty at 13 months of age. Dispite having never been to a show or conformation class, Deja did well, placing in Sweeps and regular class competition, over her sister Remi who had been to a few shows. Deja took first in the BBE class at a few shows in Spring 2008 and took a BOB and Working Group 1 placement at a "B" Match.

Deja took WB/BOS in August out of the BBE class for her first two points. This was a special win because her big half brother Aussie took WD/BOW the same day.

Deja and her siblings are doing a fine job living up to their mother's legacy in and out of the show ring with their accomplishments and silly demeanor and goofy antics. Collectively, they are keeping the spirit of Serendipity alive in the Hickory House.

Deja showed one day at the Golden Gate Kennel Club show in San Francisco and took 1st in the Bred by Exhibitor class.

Deja made another show appearance at Nationals and she made both "cuts" in a very large and competitive Open Bitch class.

Summer 2009
Deja and Amy hit the ring the last weekend in June and Deja took BOB for a 3 point major. They hit the ring again a few weeks later and Deja took WB for a 4 point major on Saturday. Deja now has 9 points and both her majors with very limited showing.

Deja will continue to be shown this fall and will be bred in early 2010.

about me!

My siblings and I came  from a very special breeding and most special Mom ever. Sadly, my Mom had to have surgery when I was just a young pup; she got an infection after surgery and passed away. My human Mom says  the house is just not the same without her and that she was a "one of a kind" dog. I know my human Mom misses her because she hugs me, my brother and sister all the time and tells us how much we remind her of Seri , even when we're  naughty ... especially when we're naughty!

June 2008 .... Oh Boy, are we ever naughty! Here's my silly siblings, Remi and Finn, doing what they do best, misbehavin'!

----- Remi and Finn -----
The silly siblings of Serendip
Causin' trouble at 13 months of age

Click here to read about the orgin of my and my Mom's name

My human Mom is working on a "story of Serendip" of her own but right now it still makes her too sad. Check back in the future and read all about my Mom, and watch me and my littermates grow up.

"You don't reach Serendip by plotting a course for it. You have to set out in good faith for elsewhere and lose your bearings serendipitously." -- John Barth, The Last Voyage of Somebody the Sailor.