All About Curie Marie

While Curie no longer lives with us (she stayed in Michigan), Curie is still the heart and soul of Hickory. Curie had a need to be the Queen Bee of the house
. When we got Aiyana and Bayley and they had puppies (which Curie could never do but that always seemed to be what Curie wanted most), Curie seemed to be feeling displaced. She went to stay with a friend and while she loved coming home, she seemed to equally enjoy being away. We all miss her each and every day. I was very torn whether to take her back to California in our recent move but couldn't take Curie away from her 2nd family with whom she seems very happy and content. While Curie never had kids of her own, in her new home, Curie has 2 kids to watch over (a job she takes very seriously!) as well as a Black Lab to boss around. Oh, did we mention that Curie lives on a lake ... for those of you that know my girl, need I say more?


By no means have we seen the end of Curie Marie ... more about the life and times of our Queen Bee will be posted over time on the site and she will definitely hit the show ring as a Veteran at Nationals ... hopefully in 2005, if not, definitely in her home state of Michigan in 2006!



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