all about Tucker . . .


Tucker comes from the mating of Bayley and a dog from eastern Germany named Ivanhoe vom Schafersgrund. I decided to take Bayley to this boy because I knew she was very strong passing on type, temperament and structure to her kids and I wanted to do the best "pedigree" breeding for longevity I could find. It is my feeling that longevity or actually the lack thereof is a major problem in our breed. Ivan has the best pedigree we've seen for longevity. Ivan's sire lived to be 11.75, his mother turned 11 in Sept of 2006, 2 grandparents lived to be over 11.5, one lived to be over 12 and the last lived to be 9.5. He has great-great grandparents that lived to be 12, 14.5 and over 17 ... yes that is not a typo .. Ivan's great-grandsire Holm vom Haus Mielke lived to be 17 years 2 months of age. Ivan is line bred on this dog as he is also his great-great grandsire. In addition to having a phenomenal pedigree, Ivan is a lovely boy in type, has nice structure, a nice head, carries a lovely coat and has a very sound and happy disposition.

Tucker takes very much after his mother in that he is a short but stocky dog. He has a lovely shoulder and front, a strong head, a solid topline and carries a lot of coat. He's a sweet boy with a silly disposition. He moves very well and likes to show.

Tucker finished his Championship in May of 2007 with our good friend Elaine Gunn on the other end of the leash. Elaine fell in love with Tucker and vice versa so I made the difficult decision to let him stay in Mississipi with Elaine. We miss the hairy love muffin in the Hickory House but know he is living the life of a king with Elaine.

Tucker's final Orthopedic clearances came back with OFA Good Hips and Unaffected Elbows. He has a current CERF, OFA Cardiac Clearance and is genetically clear for vWD.

Tucker's kids : Tucker's daughter out of Seri, "Hickory's Jura Claire de Lune" finished her Championship in September of 2007 at 23 months of age. Jura's littermate, Aurora (Hickory's Northern Lights", had a litter of pups out of Volmar in late summer 2007. She is Championship pointed and will be back out in the show ring in the winter of 2007. Stay tuned for more info including show and orthopedic results from Tucker's kids. The results of his kids that have been xrayed so far have been very positive. You can see those on our "litters" page.