The Duesenberg ...


Duesey comes from the mating of Bayley and a dog from eastern Germany named Ivanhoe vom Schafersgrund. You can read all about Ivan and the great health and longevity of his pedigree on her brother Tucker's page. Any discussion about Duesey has to be about Bayley because I feel the Duesenberg is Bayley but a little more . . . she is all her mother when it comes to type, structure, balance and movement with some additional size to the whole package.

My little Duesey really has blossomed into a substantial girl with a beautiful head, lovely eyes and a sweet expression and of course a lovely disposition. I am thrilled to have her in my breeding program.

Duesey did well in puppy classes the handful of times I showed her. She has taken several RWB, several group placements at puppy matches, Best of Breed puppy at the 2004 Golden Gate Kennel Club show and 4th in Sweeps in the 9 to 12 puppy bitch class at Nationals in Gettysburg. Duesey got her first points in the late summer of 2005 at 15 months of age. She hasn't showed much since then but took a BBE Group placement this spring.

Duesey recently turned 2 years old and is looking great. Watch for Duesey out in the show ring this summer and fall.